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How much would you pay for Ronald Reagan's DNA?

by Patt Morrison

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US President and Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan addresses the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Dallas on August 23, 1984. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

A British auction website has listed quite the unusual item -- a medical vial purportedly containing the residue of late President Ronald Reagan’s blood. The listing alleges the vial once contained a blood sample taken at the hospital when President Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. on March 30, 1981. But the authenticity of the item still remains in question.

Michael Reagan said in an interview that the claim is "bogus," and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library has said if it is a legitimate claim, they won’t stand for its sale. The seller contends it’s the real deal even claiming that he did contact the Reagan Foundation previously and declined to simply donate the vial per their request.

Also included in the sale are a lab report with more information and a letter of provenance from the current owner. Thus far, the bidding has reached nearly $15,000.


So which is it, a legitimate claim or just another circus trip? And if the seller’s claim is true, should he be able to sell such a thing? The sale of body parts, or anything containing DNA is prohibited eBay.


Kevin Conway, owner of Conway's Vintage Treasures , an Internet site that deals in historical memorabilia, rare celebrity autographs, classic sports memorabilia and historical photos & documents

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