Patt Morrison for May 23, 2012

USC slaying suspects identified as members of 'party crew,' not gang

Bryan Barnes/Facebook

A screen shot taken from Bryan Barnes' Facebook shows a flyer for the No Respect Inc. party crew.

The two suspects arrested in the slaying of USC students Ming Qu and Ying Wu have been identified as members of “No Respect Inc.,” a “party crew” that followed a local DJ to parties throughout South Los Angeles.

Suspects Javier Bolden, 19, and Bryan Barnes, 20, also flashed hand signals in support of the Black P Stones gang on their Facebook pages and have been charged with two earlier shootings at parties they allegedly attended. According to gang experts, “party crews” aren’t usually violent.

They’re regarded as another form of youth street culture, similar to tagging crews, but there is some cross-over between party crews, tagging crews and gangs. Patt looks at the relationship between party crews and gangs, and how gangs use Facebook as a recruiting tool.


Erika Aguilar, KPCC crime reporter

Lieutenant Robert Lawrence, Operation Safety, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department's gang unit

Alex Alonso, gang researcher, USC;, an informational website focusing on Southern California gang culture

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