Patt Morrison for May 24, 2012

Rape Conviction Challenged

Brian Banks exonerated: 'This is the greatest day of my life'

Former Long Beach Polytechnic high school football star Brian Banks was convicted of kidnapping and raping a classmate 10 years ago, but today his conviction was dismissed.
Google's new music search feature is dem
Do you consider Internet search engines like Google to be publications that fall into the same category as newspapers and magazines or do you consider them to be utilities that provide services like gas or electric companies?

Meet the meeting killers

We all make fun of meetings and make up excuses to dodge them. So why still have them? Are they just an excuse for donuts?
AIDS activists carry large condom packet
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health wants to know what image of the City of Angels gets you in the mood. The artwork of ten lucky Angelenos will be chosen to appear on 1 million and one condom wrappers in the Health Department’s new “L.
Lizz Free of Die: Essays

‘Lizz Free or die’: we choose Lizz

Lizz Winstead’s introduction to the power of comedy cemented itself in 1984, when her dress got caught in a screen and was pulled up over her head as she hosted an air guitar final in Minneapolis.
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