Patt Morrison for May 25, 2012

APTOPIX Rape Conviction Challenged

How do wrongful convictions happen?

How do false convictions happen? What’s the interrogation and plea bargain process like, and why do individuals admit to crimes they did not commit? Patt checks in with an expert in the field and we look into whether Banks’ accuser will be charged with perjury.
Social Networking And Blogging Website Twitter

My 64,000+ member book club, on Twitter

It’s always difficult for book clubs to choose their next subject, but it’s especially difficult for Jeff Howe, who runs a book club with over 64,000 members…on Twitter. How does it work? What do they read? And with the world’s great books all tweeted in 140 characters, is it really worth it? Howe explains that it’s not only the format of books that is changing, but the entire reading experience.
Group Commitment Ceremony Held In West Hollywood
The Abbey, a gay nightclub in West Hollywood, is banning bachelorette parties to protest the recent vote to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina.
Tourists who come to Los Angeles tend to visit the same places: Venice Beach, Disneyland, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood. The slightly more adventurous might strike out for the Garment District, Topanga Canyon, or the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but what about neighborhoods to the south and east of those attractions? Places like the Los Angeles River? Or ‘the Ink Well’ (a two hundred-square foot beach) and Oakwood (a residential neighborhood) – two of the only Westside locations open to African-Americans during the first few decades of the twentieth century?
Building a Better Ketchup Bottle

MIT engineers develop new 'super-slippery' ketchup bottle

MIT engineers have developed the next step in ketchup engineering — a non-stick coating inside of glass bottles, allowing ketchup to flow as easily as water or milk.
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