Patt Morrison for May 30, 2012

Florida Voters Go To The Polls In The State's Primary

Voting hurdles in the 2012 election

Elections are decided vote by vote, and some Republicans in a number of battleground states, like Florida, have been putting new voter requirements in place that may be purging legal voters from voting rolls.
Jack Andraka wins prize for pancreatice cancer test
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to diagnose and often goes undetected until it reaches the most advanced stages. However, because of advances in medical science established by 15-year-old Maryland high school student Jack Andraka, the disease can now be found before it spreads.
Mitt Romney Campaigns At Local Business In Las Vegas

No more brokered convention, but why?

Last night in the Texas primary, Mitt Romney reached the magic number, the big 1,144 – the number of delegates required to formally clinch the Republican presidential nomination.
2009 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Presented By Shell - Day 5

In memoriam: bluegrass guitar legend Doc Watson, dead at 89

Folk music lost a legend this week. Singer and famed flatpicker Doc Watson, known for his optimistic and sweet voice as much as for his guitar stylings, died Tuesday at Wake Forest Baptist Memorial Center in North Carolina.
Grant High School

A San Fernando Valley high school tries to go beyond teaching to the test

During this special hour, we check in on a program called Humanitas at Grant High School in the San Fernando Valley that is employing an innovative approach to teaching -- one that seems to be successful, though not without its challenges.
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