Patt Morrison for June 1, 2012

Pelican Bay SHU
Imagine being locked in a small windowless room alone for all but 90 minutes a day every day for 20 years.
Arty Angelenos have been abuzz with the recent news that a set of 250 prints of a map of L.A. will be available for $45.
Right Livelihood prize winner Ina May Ga
Gaskin's work is credited with reforming the way America gives birth, shifting it away from the isolated hospital room where fathers were not allowed and forceps were mandatory.
California Stock Photo
There’s a lot afoot in Sacramento right now, including two senate bills with long term implications in the fight for gay rights.
A paper sheet shows the word "facebook"
Facebook’s stock price continues to tumble in the aftermath of their much ballyhooed IPO two weeks ago, but the social media giant still worth billions, and still the biggest social media game in town.
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