Patt Morrison for June 4, 2012

Michele Bachmann Joins For Americans For Prosperity Rally Against Big Gov't
The balance of power in Congress will depend partly on the outcome of Tuesday’s primary election in California.
Milk Prices Continue To Rise In California
Dessert lovers and foodies have had plenty of sweet treat trends to choose from over the last few years, including cupcakes, donuts and gelato, but is the next new thing actually as simple as a bowl of vanilla ice cream?
Cardinal Roger Mahony Celebrates Christmas Mass At The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels

American nuns square off against the Vatican

Nuns are fighting back, and not just against any opponent; they’re squaring off with the Vatican.
Children on Facebook

Is Facebook appropriate for children under 13?

The social networking site is developing technology that would allow children to use the network under parental supervision.
Lance Armstrong Lobbies Against Spending Cuts For Cancer Research In DC

Lance Armstrong wrestles big tobacco over Prop 29

Cycling star Lance Armstrong is known for overcoming great physical challenges such as grueling cycling races and his tough fight with cancer, but now the seven-time Tour de France winner is taking on a Herculean battle of different kind… a legislative one.
My Happy Days in Hollywood by Garry Marshall
Garry Marshall began his career in Hollywood writing scripts for the likes of Dick Van Dyke and Lucille Ball.
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