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Turned Away: Wisconsin College Students Report Problems Voting In Tuesday’s Recall Election

by Patt Morrison

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Voters take to the polls June 5, 2012 at City Hall in Hudson, Wisconsin to cast their ballots for current Governor Scott Walker or challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. The recall election marks just the third time in US history that a state governor has been challenged midterm. Voters in the US presidential battleground state of Wisconsin headed to the polls to decide whether their union-busting governor should be recalled and replaced with a Democrat. The closely-watched special election is seen as a referendum on the Republican party's recent shift to the right. KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Several published reports say some Wisconsin college students had trouble casting absentee ballots in Tuesday’s recall election.

The recall of Wisconsin’s Republican governor failed. The League of Women Voters says they received more than 200 phone calls reporting student voter confusion. Many students reportedly left polling places without casting a vote. The League is calling it disenfranchisement.


Did the Democrats lose votes because of a 2011 state law that apparently confuses and allegedly blocks standard absentee voting procedures? Does the 2011 Wisconsin Act 23 – approved by a Republican legislature - specifically make absentee voting difficult for college students, a reliably Democratic demographic?


Kevin J. Kennedy director, general counsel, Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

Carolyn Castore, coordinator of Wisconsin statewide election protection hotline; League of Women Voters

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