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Proposition 29 too close to call: Will California’s tobacco tax initiative pass?

by Patt Morrison

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Proposition 29, the California initiative on Tuesday’s ballot to raise taxes on cigarettes by $1 a pack, is too close to call as of Wednesday.

It could be days or longer before a winner is declared, according to The Associated Press. Still, the day after Election Day saw the initiative, backed by cycling star Lance Armstrong and organizations including the American Cancer Society, losing by just over 1 percent, with about 64,000 votes out of more than 3.8 million counted as of Wednesday morning, reported AP. With late-arriving ballots from early and absentee voting still needing to be counted, the result could lean towards either side. If passed, Prop 29 would use revenue generated from the tax increase for cancer research, tobacco law enforcement and anti-smoking programs. California, however, hasn’t upped its cigarette tax in a decade.


Why hasn’t Prop 29 clearly passed or not? Do you support the tax initiative, given the push for cancer research, or oppose, in general, increasing a cigarette tax, regardless?


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