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Ray Bradbury, America’s preeminent science fiction writer, dies at 91

by Patt Morrison

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Ray Bradbury in 1972. LA Public Library

Ray Bradbury, the author whose imagination was even bigger than the interstellar space where the stories he wrote on his trusty typewriter took place, has died at 91.

Some of his most famous books, like “Fahrenheit 451” and “The Martian Chronicles” were cautionary tales of the danger of technological progress and earned him the moniker of a science fiction author. But it was his humanistic side that endeared millions of readers to his stories. Bradbury extolled the virtues of love and human interaction… and the sacred idea that imagination and love are what make the world go around. Born in Waukegan, Illinois in 1920, his family moved to Los Angeles when he was a boy and he spent the rest of his life in California.

Although so many of his stories involved rockets and fantasy, he eschewed much technology, and never used a computer or drove a car. He continued to write until the time of his death and truly embodied one of his famous quotes, “Jump, and build your wings on the way down.”


What are your favorite Ray Bradbury stories? How can one man’s imagination be large enough to inspire generations?

Remembering Ray Bradbury

Twitter tributes to author Ray Bradbury, who passed away today at the age of 91

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Ray Bradbury, cat lover #RIP
This is the Bradbury I have known for 12 years. “@terryteachout: Ray Bradbury on death and the meaning of life:”Sam Weller
"Looking back over a lifetime, you see love was the answer to everything." Ray Bradbury.Neil Gaiman
woah ray bradbury died he was an amazing part of my childhood, i spent countless hours reading and rereading the martian chronicles R.I.P.Flea
he was a master of the short story, as good as chekhov, engaged my imagination, gave me something to hold onto as a kidFlea
I think Ray Bradbury is one of our most under-rated authors. I read Dandelion Wine once a year to remember what good writing is about.R.L. Stine
Adiós a Ray Bradbury: el autor que fue capaz de hacernos creer en otros mundos
Sad day for storytelling in LA. Ray Bradbury, a literary legend, dies at 91. RIP. Villaraigosa
Ray Bradbury and Francoise Truffaut's "Fahrenheit 451" is streaming on Netflix Instant, with its unforgettable ending.Roger Ebert
RIP Ray Bradbury, native of Waukegan, Illinois. His brilliant Sci-Fi especially Fahrenheit 451 is mandatory reading.Tom Morello
"Don't talk about it... write." Ray BradburyCameron Crowe
RT @AdamtheIA: RIP Ray Bradbury. I loved his office - stocked with things to trigger ideas.
RIP Ray Bradbury. See you in the future...Brad Bird
"You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down."Ray Bradburymia farrow
RIP Ray Bradbury :( you've touched many lives with your work, and even a few more recently you might not have expected! Sleep well dude!deadmau5
RIP Ray Bradbury You made Mars, time travel & Illustrated Men more real than reality for a 14 year old me. #RIPRayRainnWilson
Pour out some dandelion wine for Ray Bradbury. Goodbye, Mr. Bradbury. See you in October Country.Patton Oswalt
Ray Bradbury was not only a great author, but also an accomplished artist. This signed print hangs in our house. #RIP
"I don't try to describe the future. I try to prevent it." - Ray BradburyChuck Palahniuk
Creative imaginative visionary. A dreamer, like so many of the best science fiction authors. Ray Bradbury (1920-2012), R I PNeil deGrasse Tyson
"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." — Ray BradburyCharles M. Blow
Heroes get remembered but legends never die. #RIP Ray Bradbury, Ward Kimball, Chuck Jones.
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." - Ray Bradbury. RIP.Ronan Farrow
A touch with greatness: My photo of Ray Bradbury from his 2007 visit to San Bernardino, CA. Thanks your vision!
A standing ovation for Mr Ray Bradbury. Our imagination will be dimmer without him.edgarwright
Ray Bradbury, the illustrating the author's stories inspired his paintings: Boucher
"There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them." - Ray BradburyPaul Hochman
RT @julichilliard: Love it. Lucky! rt @ABLiterary Here is 20-year old me with Ray Bradbury.
Ray Bradbury, RIP. I re-read Dandelion Wine for @KPCCOffRamp fun: I re-loved my summer reading too Peterson
Author Ray Bradbury published two pieces in The New Yorker, and both are now unlocked for all readers: New Yorker
Muere un maestro de la ciencia ficción, sobre todo un gran escritor: Ray Bradbury: Cr... Marcianas, Farenheit 451#arte

Christmas Greeting sent to Patt Morrison from Ray Bradbury


Marc Zicree, writer, producer, director; author, “The Twilight Zone Companion;” writer, “Star Trek – The Next Generation,” “Deep Space 9;” collaborated with Ray Bradbury

Lissa Reynolds, artistic director, Fremont Centre Theatre, South Pasadena

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