Patt Morrison for June 6, 2012

Proposition 29, the California initiative on Tuesday’s ballot to raise taxes on cigarettes by $1 a pack, is too close to call as of Wednesday.
Voters take to the polls June 5, 2012 at
Several published reports say some Wisconsin college students had trouble casting absentee ballots in Tuesday’s recall election.
Federal Appeals Court Rules Anti-Gay Marriage Bill, Proposition 8 Unconstitutional

Major gay marriage cases head to United States Supreme Court

Back in February, a three-judge panel of the California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Proposition 8 – the state ban on same-sex marriage – unconstitutional.
Mercer 5282
Ray Bradbury, the author whose imagination was even bigger than the interstellar space where the stories he wrote on his trusty typewriter took place, has died at 91.
Robin Hood Veterans Summit
In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the subsequent Occupy movement and the protests against the 1 percent, you might think that financial corporations would rein in the multi-million dollar salaries paid to their CEOs.

Breaking the link between poverty and obesity

Do obesity and poverty travel hand and hand? It turns out that the five poorest states are also among the ten most obese, with Mississippi in the number one position in both columns.
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