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The latest on America’s sleep habits

by Patt Morrison

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Do you sleep with your pet? If you’re in a relationship, do you have a preferred side of the bed? What time do you get out of bed in the morning? And do you sleep with your iPhone under your pillow? Slate Magazine and Survey Monkey’s recent poll of American sleeping habits resulted in a surprising number of respondents: over two million, most of whom are in bed by midnight and up by 7 am. Patt checks in with a behavioral psychologist who specializes in sleep habits to see whether or not Americans are setting themselves up for success when it comes to snoozing.


What would you like to know about getting a better night’s sleep? Do you feel more rested a shorter night’s sleep, or a longer one?


Jeffrey Young, PhD, CBSM, assistant clinical professor in psychiatry at UCLA; certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Which electronic devices do you use in bed, either at night and in the morning?

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