Patt Morrison for June 12, 2012

2012 NHL Stanley Cup Final ? Game Six

NOW is LA a real sports town?

The Los Angeles Kings ended a 45-year drought last night when they captured their first Stanley Cup title. Could this be the championship that finally gives LA its due?
Jeb Bush Testifies At House Hearing On Free Enterprise And Economic Growth
Would Reagan be too moderate for the modern GOP? Patt looks into the perennial claims for Reagan’s legacy.
PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi smi
Most female professionals think raising children has provided them with unique skills, while the majority of working women believe technology has made it easier to balance work and family.
LA Skyline in June Gloom

Is June in Los Angeles just too gloomy?

Every year, just before summer proper arrives, the morning weather in Los Angeles turns gloomy as a hazy gray marine layer descends over our palm trees and taco stands.
The Candidate by Samuel L. Popkin
From campaign juggling to the war room, Samuel L. Popkin’s new work draws upon his years of experience as a consultant to the Carter, McGovern, Clinton and Gore campaigns.
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