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Disco ball-like mirror could save your life

by Patt Morrison

A demonstration of the difference between a standard side mirror and Drexel University's Dr. R. Andrew Hicks' newly patented mirror that eliminates blind spots. Dr. R. Andrew Hicks/Drexel University

Whether you’re in an Escalade or a Prius, one problem that all drivers face is what they can’t see.With his new disco ball-inspired mirror, a math professor from Drexel University may have eliminated one of the most pesky and dangerous quirks of driving: the blindspot. The “wide angle substantially nondistorting mirror” works like a mirror ball, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like one. Last week Drexel announced that it received a patent for Hicks’ mirror.


R. Andrew Hicks, associate head of the mathematics department at Drexel University in Philadelphia

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