Patt Morrison for June 13, 2012

Jamie Dimon Testifies At Senate Hearing On JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon takes the hot seat

It’s almost summer BBQ season but there was another kind of grilling underway in Washington today.
A viewer watches for information on how
In a move that has upset the broadcast industry, the Federal Communications Commission is letting a rule requiring cable operators to carry local stations in analog lapse, with a possible end result of forcing viewers to upgrade their equipment or switch to antennas in order to view local stations.
 Dr. R. Andrew Hicks/Drexel University

Disco ball-like mirror could save your life

Whether you’re in an Escalade or a Prius, one problem that all drivers face is what they can’t see.With his new disco ball-inspired mirror, a math professor from Drexel University may have eliminated one of the most pesky and dangerous quirks of driving: the blindspot.
Department Of Justice And FL Gov. Rick Scott Battle Over Controversial Non-Citizen Voter Purge
The state of Florida has drawn a line in the sand about its right to purge its voter rolls, but the Department of Justice appears to have no qualms about crossing it.
Canadian blues singer Rita Chiarelli had been making pilgrimages to the cradle of the blues in the Mississippi when she learned about the Louisiana State Penitentiary – commonly known as Angola prison.
What does the word feminism mean to a 13-year-old?
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