Patt Morrison for June 18, 2012

Rodney King: 20 Years Later

Reflecting on the passing of Rodney King

Rodney King’s brutal beating by Los Angeles police officers in March of 1991 was an event which garnered international attention and exposed escalating racial tensions in America. The 1992 announcement of the acquittal of three of the four officers charged in King’s beating provided a flashpoint in Los Angeles, sparking six days of rioting where at least 54 people lost their lives and property damage costs reached $1 billion.
Egypt Elects A New President

Egypt’s fledgling democracy in crisis?

The Obama administration is warning the Egyptian military today: hand over power soon or lose billions of dollars in aid.

Jonathan Demme goes on another journey with Neil Young

Jonathan Demme is a tough guy to nail down. He has made a career of creating very different, but successful films. Everything from “The Silence of the Lambs” to “Rachel Getting Married” and the documentary “Jimmy Carter Man from Plains.

LAUSD’s incredible shrinking school year

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) voted Friday in favor of a tentative one-year agreement with LAUSD that reverses 4,700 layoff notices and keeps some programs LAUSD planned to cut, including Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, and SRLDP (School Readiness Language Development Program).

Marc Cooper sits down with Governor Jerry Brown

Typically, reforming a budget comes down to two options: cut spending or raise revenue. But California’s Governor Brown has chosen a third way, do both. Facing increasing budget deficits, Gov.
Harley-Davidson Posts Unexpected Rise In Earnings
Highway fatalities have decreases dramatically over the last decade, except for one group: motorcyclists.
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