Patt Morrison for June 19, 2012

Jury Reaches Not Guilty Verdict In Clemens Trial

The Feds strike out against Clemens

Barry Bonds was convicted on one of four counts of obstruction of justice last year. John Edwards was recently acquitted on one count and the jury could not reach a verdict on the other five counts related to his campaign finance fraud case.
California Gas Prices Fall 9.6 Cents In One Week

Gas prices are dropping, but is it enough?

We’re a month into the summer driving season, and there’s something unusual afoot: gas prices should be rising, but they’re dropping. Over the last week, gas prices in California have dropped an average of twelve cents a gallon, and some analysts predict they’ll plunge further by the time the season ends – perhaps hitting $3.

The coming Kickstarter boom and bust

Whether they’re funding documentary films, art or apps, crowdfunding projects on sites like Kickstarter can quickly raise money for things that don’t exist yet. The major successes are few so far, but some, like musician Amanda Palmer’s campaign for her new album, have broken the million dollar mark.
Visa Plans Largest IPO In U.S. History
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched its first ever beta site for credit card complaints today.
Group of Nannies in England
You know that phrase, my life is in your hands? We’re paying people to make that true. You can hire people to bear your child, to plan your wedding and to coach your entire life. Are we now asking the question, how much of our lives should we outsource? As lives become busier and more stressful, and the competition for our attention stronger, people have grown accustomed to turning to strangers on the internet to fulfill roles traditionally filled by friends, family and ourselves.
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