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Author John Irving discusses his new novel 'In One Person'

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"In One Person: A Novel" by John Irving

Author John Irving holds his Oscar for Best Screen

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Author John Irving holds his Oscar for Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously Published for 'The Cider House Rules' at the 72nd Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles 26 March 2000.

Renowned author John Irving’s credits roll long. He won an Academy Award for “The Cider House Rules” screenplay. He wrote the American classic, “A Prayer for Owen Meany.” Irving also has nine international bestsellers.

His latest project is a tale of secrecy in sexual identity. “In One Person” explores the solitude of narrator Billy Abbott. The main character is a bisexual young man who falls in love with an older transgender woman, Miss Frost. Two transgender women become the novel’s heroes. These characters do not fit in to what is normal heterosexual love.

Through the novel, Irving shows just how hard it is for mainstream society to accept those who are sexually different. “In One Person” will be Irving’s thirteenth novel. He discusses his new book with Patt.

Excerpt from 'in One Person' by John Irving

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