Patt Morrison for June 21, 2012

2002 FOX Billboard Music Awards - Show
Obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment, but when it comes to what is considered “indecent,” things get a lot more gray. In 1978, the Supreme Court ruled to create a “safe space” from indecency on daytime broadcast television (prompted by comedian George Carlin’s famous string of expletives.
Mercer 4505

Extremely high temperatures coming to California this century

The warm summer weather is upon us, but it may be lingering for longer than we expected.
American Gothic
The Senate passed the federal Farm Bill today. While the bill originally contained over three hundred proposed amendments, that number has now been whittled down to seventy-three. Agriculture makes up 1.
An Appalachian County's Community Bonds Help Overcome Challenge Of Poverty

Most Americans don’t have enough saved to stop working at 65

With massive job losses and swings in the economy since the financial crisis started, chances are if you’re working now, you’re not going to stop any time soon. According to a Boston College study, fewer than half of Americans have enough saved to retire by age 65.
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison demonstrates Or
An entire Hawaiian island will change hands this week. Well, almost a whole island.

Author John Irving discusses his new novel 'In One Person'

Renowned author John Irving’s credits roll long. He won an Academy Award for “The Cider House Rules” screenplay. He wrote the American classic, “A Prayer for Owen Meany.” Irving also has nine international bestsellers.
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