Patt Morrison for June 25, 2012

Parts Of Controversial AZ Immigration Law Struck Down By Supreme Court

How will SB1070 change the way we train law enforcement?

The Supreme Court gave Arizona and President Obama a split decision today, striking down most parts of the State's SB 1070 Illegal Immigration law, but keeping the key “show me your papers” provision that allows law enforcement to ask for immigration documents.
Senate Democrats Announce New Legislation To Counter "Citizens United" Decision
The Supreme Court doubled down on its monumental Citizens United case, and said that states cannot limit corporate spending on elections. Montana’s law had been on the books for a century, crafted in an era when copper mining money literally bought a U.
juvenile hall corridor

Should juveniles be treated differently by the courts?

Whew! Like a pitcher striking out batter after batter, the Supreme Court is ending its term with a lineup of rulings.

Can a murderer ever be reformed?

San Quentin Prison is only a half hour from San Francisco, but you wouldn’t know that from the inside.
Wilshire Boulevard sign, Rampture, Ramp Jam

Another 405 West side traffic boondoggle is here

“Ramp Jam.” “Rampture.” It’s a beast with many catchy names, but the result will likely be the same – yet another spate of traffic nightmares on the West side.
Florentino Azpetia, chef at Girasoles restaurant i
Too much of the world struggles with hunger. A warming planet and growing population means that getting everyone the nutrients they need without causing environmental damage will be even more difficult.

Uncovering the myths of eating locally

If you went to a farmers market this weekend looking for the most local groceries, thinking you’re helping the environment and the local economy – think again.
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