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What’s a recession-proof industry look like? Fireworks!

by Patt Morrison

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Fireworks explode around the Statue of Liberty. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Big, bright, beautiful fireworks… the first thing many Americans associate with Independence Day. What many celebrators probably don’t think about, however, are the annual profits pulled in by the makers of all of those specialty explosives.

In fact, the fireworks industry revenue has increased every year since 1998, according to the American Pyrotechnics Association. Display fireworks revenue reached $318 million in 2011, while consumer fireworks revenue amounted to a whopping $649 million. Who knew fireworks reaped such sky-high profits?


How much dough do you spend on fireworks in the days leading up to Independence Day?


Julie Heckman, executive director, American Pyrotechnics Association

Brian Riley, public information officer, LA County Fire Department

Quvondo Johnson, public information officer, LA County Fire Department

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