Patt Morrison for July 3, 2012

New York Celebrates 125th Anniversary Of The Statue Of Liberty

What’s a recession-proof industry look like? Fireworks!

Big, bright, beautiful fireworks… the first thing many Americans associate with Independence Day. What many celebrators probably don’t think about, however, are the annual profits pulled in by the makers of all of those specialty explosives.
Commuters board a train during the eveni

The ‘busy’ trap: got free time?

The phrase “I have free time” seems to be so elusive in the rustle and bustle of our modern day society. Busyness is now potentially an addictive condition for adults all the way down to children.
US President Barack Obama eats a shave i

How much vacation time does the President deserve?

Presidents often get criticized for taking too many days away from the White House, but the presidential vacation has become almost an extension of the that leader’s personality, for better or worse.
50,000 Descend Upon Rio De Janeiro For Rio+20 Earth Summit
A study by the NGO Global Witness shows that the death toll of environmental activists working to protect natural resources has risen sharply in the past three years, averaging one death per week in 2011. Peru, Colombia, the Philippines, and Brazil have seen the sharpest increase in killings, but globally, most cases go uninvestigated and unprosecuted.
Super Bowl XLVI

Is it time for a new national anthem?

The “The Star-Spangled Banner” has only been America’s national anthem for 81 years, which may be surprising to those who think George Washington himself sang it around the campfire at Valley Forge.
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Fireworks stress out our furry citizens

While the rest of us are “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” to colorful explosions in the sky, the family dog or cat might be cowering in fright under the picnic table, behind the cooler, or it may bolt out the window in a panic.
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