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Is America being torn apart by ‘hyper-individualism’?

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Are Americans more frustrated with politics and with each other than we need to be? They are, according to Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. In his new book, “Our Divided Political Heart,” Dionne states that “Americans disagree about who we are because we can’t agree about who we’ve been.”

The author insists that before we blame sheer partisanship and polarization for political gridlock, we must first reach a consensus about the truth of our national history and the historical definition of core American values. Dionne contends that we must reconcile our love of individualism and our reverence for community in order to successfully move past our contemporary political differences.

Excerpt from 'Our Divided Political Heart' - Introduction


What can the U.S. learn from its past to better serve both individual and community interests?


E.J. Dionne, long-time op-ed columnist for The Washington Post, author most recently of “Our Divided Political Heart”