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Sapphire enters taboo territory with ‘The Kid,’ the sequel to the book that inspired ‘Precious’ film

"The Kid" by Sapphire
Penguin Press HC, The

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How do rape victims cope with their violations? Author and performance poet Sapphire, who garnered critical acclaim for her novel “Push,” explores this topic in her new book “The Kid.” “Push,” was the inspiration for the 2009 film, “Precious” based on the character of the same name. Sapphire’s new book is a sequel of sorts, following the life of Precious’ son, Abdul, and his tumultuous upbringing through foster care and Catholic orphanages. This harrowing and fearless story looks at a life un-parented and impoverished yet told stylistically as only Sapphire can.


Sapphire, author of “The Kid” and “Push”

Sapphire will appear the Los Angeles Central Library in conversation with Brighde Mullins, director, Masters in Professional Writing Program, USC tonight at 7:00PM