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Texas gets its day in court about new voter ID laws

Dave Coelho/KPCC

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A number of states are facing Federal challenges to new voter restriction laws put into effect since 2008, and today, Texas begins five days of deliberation on theirs in a federal appeals court.

Texas likes to do everything big, and their voter identification laws are no exception. In 2011, Texas instituted laws that state that everyone who votes in person must have a government-issued photo ID. Acceptable documents include a driver’s license, a U.S. passport military ID, a U.S. citizenship certificate that has a photo, a voter card from the Texas Department of Public Safety or a concealed handgun license. Mail-in ballots and disabled voters are exempt.


How will new voter restrictions affect the 2012 election?


Keesha Gaskins, senior counsel in the democracy program at The Brennan Center for Justice

Tim Eaton, reporter on the state desk at The Austin American Statesman