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The French fry connections

by Patt Morrison

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An employee serves French fries at a US fast food McDonalds restaurant on December 1, 2011 in Ramonville-Saint-Agne, a Toulouse suburb, southern France. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Today is National French Fry day. Many Americans equate French fries with Americana probably because people don’t relate fried potatoes to France as much as they do to McDonalds. The home of the golden arches, a sponsor of the London Olympics, could be in the deep fryer itself, however, after its recent power play against The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG).

A major sponsor of the games, McDonald's exerts an extraordinary amount of control over who serves what nosh. McDonald's has a lock on the french-fry business with exclusive rights to sell the savory side dish to spectators and is expected to serve some 10 percent of all meals at the games. Adding salt to the wounds of its competitors, McDonald’s has also managed to ban competing food vendors from selling French fries as a standalone item.


How important are French-fries to Americans? Is it fair for McDonald’s to exert so much control over who sells French fries at the Olympics?

It’s National French Fry Day!

by Tony Peyser

What’s far better than any possible
Kind of CD-ROM treats?
C’mon --- do I really have to ask?
The answer is pommes frits.

They actually hail from Belgium but
That double-f alliteration
Suggests the land of Gay Paree is
The more appropriate nation.

Alright --- so it may cause you to
Eventually develop a thick gut
But who can resist something that
Comes in waffle, curly & thick-cut?

A bit controversial during the Bush years
Referred to not as French but Freedom
You can call ‘em whatever you like but
Folks will always line up to eat ‘em.

Even Thomas Jefferson ate French Fries:
That fact cannot be denied ---
His fling with Sally Hemings wasn’t
The only thing he had on the side.


Tony Peyser, poet

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