Patt Morrison for July 13, 2012

NPR’s Ina Jaffe takes on the aging beat

Joern Pollex/Getty Images

MAY 03: An elderly couple hold hands at a trade fair. (Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images)

National Public Radio’s journeyman reporter Ina Jaffe has a new job. As of Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Jaffe will be covering the newly created aging beat for NPR. According to an NPR spokesman, “In this new role, Ina will cover all aspects of aging: from finances and work life, to health care, relationships and the broader demographic realities facing the country.” With the baby boomers getting older, Jaffe will not be at a loss for stories to cover.


What are the issues important to aging Americans? What stories would you like Ina to cover in her new position?


Ina Jaffe, NPR correspondent

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