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‘Fight Club’ author Chuck Palahniuk reimagines his third novel ‘Invisible Monsters’

by Patt Morrison

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Author Chuck Palahniuk poses for a photograph during a reading hosted by Strand Bookstore at Webster Hall on May 4, 2009. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Authors don’t usually get the chance to do a “director’s cut” of their earlier works, but success has its perks. It was the David Fincher-directed adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s first book, “Fight Club” that put the author on the literary map, but Palahniuk had penned two other books before Fincher’s movie got released three years after the book was originally published. Due to Palahniuk’s relative obscurity in the interim, his third book, “Invisible Monsters” was only released in paperback form.

In his post-“Fight Club” notoriety, Palahniuk wrote nine more books, including “Choke,” “Rant” and “Lullaby” but felt that the first edition of “Invisible Monsters” didn’t fully realize his original vision for the work. The newly released 2012 hardcover edition of the revamped book is called “Invisible Monsters Remix” and it provided Palahniuk the opportunity to add additional scenes and use an innovative pacing that finds readers jumping between chapters to follow the plot that blurs the line between fiction and fact.

Palahniuk will appear tonight at 8pm by Book Soup at the Skirball Cultural Center (2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049):

The event is free to the public but seating reservations are recommended and are available by calling (877) SCC-4849 or by visiting

Signed copies of "Invisible Monsters Remix" will be available for purchase at the event. No book signing will follow the talk.


What are your favorite Chuck Palahniuk books? What are artists accomplishing when they go back and modify their older works?


Chuck Palahniuk, author of “Invisible Monsters Remix;" his other books include “Fight Club,” “Choke” and “Rant”

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