Patt Morrison for July 17, 2012

Environmentalists Challenge Salton Sea Development Project

The current severe drought is the worst since 1956

By the middle of July, corn and soybean fields across America’s agricultural Midwest are usually a sea of deep green, but not this year. Weeks of record heat and a lack of rain have plunged as much as 80 percent of the country into a severe drought.
U.S. Bank Tower In Los Angeles Reportedly Targeted In Thwarted 2002 Attack
Its logo tops the tallest skyscraper in downtown, but today the city of Los Angeles is suing US Bank for illegally allowing 150 foreclosed properties to fall into disrepair.
Ethical Chic
In the digital age, information travels faster than ever thanks to texting, e-mailing, and social media. As a result, word of mouth or word of Twitter, are increasingly vital for companies looking to establish trendy reputations among consumers.
This morning the Boy Scouts of America announced that after a two-year long internal review, the policy not to "grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals" will stand.
Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

Air Conditioning turns 110

They say the Winchester rifle won the West, but some beg to differ. In many ways, air conditioning won the west, allowing millions of people to live in almost uninhabitable deserts.
Strand Book Store Hosts A Reading With Chuck Palahniuk & Amy Hempel
Authors don’t usually get the chance to do a “director’s cut” of their earlier works, but success has its perks. It was the David Fincher-directed adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s first book, “Fight Club” that put the author on the literary map, but Palahniuk had penned two other books before Fincher’s movie got released three years after the book was originally published.
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