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Would you drink the tap water in Mexico?

by Patt Morrison

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Bottled water to be sent to Haiti on January 15, 2010 at the Zocalo Square, in Mexico City. Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images

Mexico is the world’s largest per capita bottled water consumer. Decades of suspicion about the water system means that Mexicans consume four times the amount of bottled water we do in the US. And despite repeated assurances from public officials about the safety of the tap water, Mexicans families reportedly spend up to 10 percent of their income on bottled water. Given that countries of Latin America and the Caribbean region have invested a total of roughly $2.8 billion a year on improved water and sanitation since 1990, is it merely perception that keeps Mexicans spending huge sums of money on something that is available for free?


Do you drink the tap water in your own home? Would you drink the tap water in Mexico?


Paul Constance, communications specialist, environment, infrastructure, water and sanitation - Inter American Development Bank

Ranjiv Khush, founder of Aquaya, non-profit group that researches ways to get clean water to poor people.

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