Patt Morrison for July 19, 2012

China and Russia veto UN sanctions against Syria, Assad wobbles, US prepares for Syrian government collapse

U.N. Security Council Votes On Syria Sanctions

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The United Nations Security Council meets after a vote on a newl resolution on Syria at U.N. headquarters on July 19, 2012 in New York City. The resolution aimed at ending the violence with non-military sanctions in Syria failed to gather enough votes to pass with Russia and China vetoing.

Syria is a collapsing state. Government loyalist and opposition forces continued their deadly fighting today in the capital, Damascus. It is the fifth consecutive day of lethal violence in the city. In the United Nations Security Council today, Russia and China have vetoed a resolution sponsored by Britain that would have penalized Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government with sanctions for failing to implement a peace plan negotiated by Kofi Annan, the special Syria envoy.

There are published reports that government attacks have become more ferocious the day after a bomb killed a high-ranking government minister, which furthered suspicions that the Assad government is close to losing power over the country. In the US, Obama administration officials have begun work on contingency plans for the fall of the Syrian government.


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Liz Sly, Washington Post Foreign correspondent; she joins us from Antakya, Turkey

John Walcott Bloomberg News Editor; he supervises coverage of National Security, Diplomacy and the UN

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