Patt Morrison for July 20, 2012

How do you profile a killer?

We don’t know much about James Eagan Holmes, the alleged perpetrator of this morning’s shootings at the premiere for “The Dark Knight Rises,” in Aurora, Colorado. We know that he is white, from San Diego, and was enrolled, however briefly, in a PhD program neuroscience at the University of Colorado Denver, although he withdrew from the program last month.
Evidence Connected To Columbine Massacre Displayed For First Time
Should gun laws be stricter, looser, or is it time for something altogether different?
A man purchases his ticket for the lates
Do you have tickets to see “The Dark Knight Rises?” After this morning’s events in Colorado, are you still planning to go? Warner Brothers certainly hopes so, but at the same time the company needs to be sensitive to the grieving families and shocked public.
Active Duty Military Members March In San Diego's Gay Pride Parade
This weekend’s San Diego LGBT Pride parade will have unique costumes, but they might not be what you expect. For the first time, the Department of Defense has granted permission for active service members to march in military uniform.
State Parks Director Ruth Coleman resigned this morning and at least one subordinate employee has been fired after officials learned the department has been sitting on nearly $54 million of hidden excess funds for as long as 12 years.
London is the subject of Taschen’s most recent edition of their “Portrait of a City” series. The big book of pictures is positively resplendent with magnificent and memorable color (and black and white) images of London spanning from the Victorian Era to 2012.
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