Patt Morrison for July 24, 2012

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos addresses a press

Amazon and Wal-Mart face off over state sales taxes

Online retailer Amazon has long been able to win the race to the bottom on the prices of merchandise through a number of ways, like being able to purchase merchandise in bulk and low operating costs, but their biggest competitive advantage could be avoiding state sales taxes.

Media coverage of sensational crimes

President Obama recently agreed to not use James Holmes’ name in the media, in hopes of avoiding giving Holmes more notoriety than he has already received. But should there be a ‘code of ethics’ in the media as well? Some hope that media outlets that cover events like the Aurora shooting would also be careful to not bring more attention and infamy to suspects.

Global population explodes despite declining fertility rates

The number of human beings living on the planet surpassed 7 billion last year, and as the number continues to grow, observers are increasingly questioning how we are going to feed and support our constantly expanding population and what impact this growth will have on overall human existence.
Soliders walk to their posts at the Olym

Olympic security firm GS4 remains short on manpower

With an extra 4.6 million overseas visitors expected in London for the Olympics, it should come as no surprise that the city is in a panic over the fact that the firm tapped to provide its security has less than half of the number of staff it originally promised to deliver.
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales speaks dur
What’s more culturally important, Kate Middleton’s wedding gown or the most obscure of Linux distributions? For Wikipedia editors, Linux distribution wins hands down, with over 100 articles.
2012 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2

Ken Burns takes on the American Dust Bowl

Burns’s latest documentary on the American Dust Bowl will air in November on PBS. He stopped by to talk with Patt about his newest project.
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