Patt Morrison for July 25, 2012

Is marijuana still 'Too high to fail'?

Yesterday the LA City Council voted 13-1 to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

Because the vote wasn’t unanimous, it was scheduled to come back next week for a 2nd vote until the lone dissenting councilman flipped his vote, negating need for a 2nd vote.

That means the ban now goes into effect in Los Angeles in about 45 days. Patt hears from several voices on the issue including Doug Fine, who spent a year researching cannabis and what the lucrative plant business might mean for the U.S.

For his research, he examined the green marijuana belt of Humboldt county, where the economics of medical pot turn things on their heads; where pot growers voluntarily pay taxes that haven’t been levied. He joins Patt to talk about his year of research and his solution of taxing cannabis like alcohol.


Do you agree there should be a ban?


Doug Fine, author of "Too High To Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution"

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