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Anaheim protests persist as city council asks for federal review

by Patt Morrison

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A protester kicks a passing police car during a demonstration to show outrage for the shooting death of Manuel Angel Diaz, 25, at Anaheim City Hall on July 24, 2012 in Anaheim, California. Diaz was fatally shot July 21 by an Anaheim police officer and has sparked days of protests by the angered community. Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images

Large crowds gathered in downtown Anaheim last night to protest a string of police officer-involved shootings in the area. The demonstration resulted in 24 protesters being arrested. Protesters pelted officers with glass bottles and rocks and over 20 businesses were vandalized as. Officers adorned in riot gear used batons, pepper balls, and beanbag rounds to disperse the angry crowd with five officers sustaining injuries. The protests come as city council members voted yesterday to invite the U.S. attorney's office and the FBI to investigate multiple officer-involved shootings that ended fatally and in one case provoked a $50 million civil-rights lawsuit.


Will a federal review help dissuade the grievances of Anaheim residents? Or is a formal federal consent decree needed?


Laurie Levenson, professor of law at Loyola Law School

Jose Moreno, president of the Los Amigos of Orange County, a Latino advocacy and leadership group

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