Patt Morrison for July 25, 2012

Anaheim Residents Protest Police Shootings Over Weekend
Large crowds gathered in downtown Anaheim last night to protest a string of police officer-involved shootings in the area. The demonstration resulted in 24 protesters being arrested.
Sanford Weill, Chairman and CEO of US financial gi
For years, Visa, Mastercard, and other card-issuing banks have been charging fees to merchants for access to their payment networks.
Marilyn Monroe
Photographer Lawrence Schiller talks about shooting Marilyn Monroe, his new book for Taschen and how he captures the personality of his subjects in a single still image.
tickets la subway metro

Ride along with Metro CEO Art Leahy

It’s a busy time for the LA Metro office and its chief, Art Leahy. With Carmaggedon II quickly approaching, a state high speed rail approved, subway projects all over the city, and new toll roads being initiated on the Harbor Freeway this year, it’s a wonder how Leahy has time to answer our questions.

Is marijuana still 'Too high to fail'?

Yesterday the LA City Council voted 13-1 to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.
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