Patt Morrison for July 26, 2012

Stocks Trade Drop On Employment Data

The market matters, and we’ll tell you why

Followers of the Dow Jones industrial average know how skittish the index can be, sharply veering up and down on an hourly basis. This morning, stocks soared after Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, promised to “do whatever it takes” to keep the euro intact.
Obama Urges Congress To Extend Middle Class Tax Cuts

What Obama says to African-American voters and how he says it

African-American voters remain a key voting block for President Obama. After failing to appear in person to address the NAACP conference earlier this month, the president was warmly greeted before his speech at the Urban League last night in New Orleans.
Rosarito, Mexico.
Tourism in Baja California is back on the rise, and with an increase in interest from the food and wine industry, it’s time to reconsider the jewels of our neighbor to the south.
Fireworks explode next to the National S

The growing spectacle of the Olympic opening ceremonies

The 2012 Olympics get underway tomorrow with opening ceremonies that start at 1pm California time. Along with the closing ceremonies, the inauguration of the Olympic Games is a gargantuan spectacle with much on the line for the host country when it comes to bragging rights.
The UK Prepares For The Olympic Games With One Week To Go

The Olympics provide a gambler’s playground

For some, betting is like breathing. Devoted gamblers will wager anything like whether or not it will rain or a roll of the dice at a casino. But the biggest draw for people who favor chance is sporting events, and the upcoming summer Olympics provide a veritable feast for those looking to place bets.
Michael Jackson Immortalized With Hand And Footprint Ceremony At Grauman's Chinese Theatre
It is hard for celebrities to live their lives entirely in the public eye. But in the rarefied air of superstardom, perhaps the Jackson family lives in the biggest glass house of all.
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