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The Olympic event of ‘town planning’?

by Patt Morrison

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Members of the Great Britain Rhythmic Gymnastics Team practice their routine on July 18, 2012 in Bath, England. The team have been preparing for the London 2012 Olympics at the Sports Training Village at the University of Bath. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

There are some official Olympic sports like rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized diving and curling that are not always the most highly regarded. While some doubt the importance of these sports as Olympic events, there have been official events in the history of the Olympics that are downright absurd. Previous bizarre sports included sculpture at the military patrol from 1924 through 1948, tug of war at the 1900 Paris Games, and perhaps the most preposterous of all was the 1936 event of town planning.


Which competition do you think should be added back into the Olympics? Are there any current events that do not deserve to be included in the Olympics? What criteria should be used to determine which sports are included?


Taylor Bigler, writer for the Daily Caller

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