Patt Morrison for July 27, 2012

Wal-Mart’s new Neighborhood Market opens in Huntington Beach

The name Wal-Mart can be polarizing. For some, it’s their Graceland. For others, it’s a low-paying, anti-union juggernaut that robs mom-and-pop stores of their customers. Regardless of your feelings towards the company, they are persistent, and there’s a new strategy afoot.
The Great Britain Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Prepare For The Olympics

The Olympic event of ‘town planning’?

There are some official Olympic sports like rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized diving and curling that are not always the most highly regarded. While some doubt the importance of these sports as Olympic events, there have been official events in the history of the Olympics that are downright absurd.

Using Craigslist for…everything

Imagine you have no money, no friends, no car, and no house. Imagine you have nothing but a computer and a connection to Craiglist.
Gun sales are up in California
The Department of Justice estimates that as many as 725,000 rifles, pistols and shotguns may be purchased by California residents this year, nearly doubling the amount purchased five years ago.
Colorado Community Mourns In Aftermath Of Deadly Movie Theater Shooting
Like many Americans, some of Aurora’s 58 wounded did not have health insurance, and now face huge medical bills. No one knows the exact number of how many of the shooting victims lack health insurance, but nearly one in three Coloradans have inadequate or no health insurance at all.
Producer Joe's list of things he would save in a fire

What would you save in a house fire?

It’s an age-old conundrum incited by a question that everyone dearly hopes remains hypothetical. Its also the question posed by a new book by Foster Huntington called “The Burning House.”
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