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Former Pres. Clinton to give speech at DNC

by Patt Morrison

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US President Barack Obama (R) speaks as former President Bill Clinton looks on during a campaign event in New York on June 4, 2012. JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to give a primetime speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, the evening before President Obama formally accepts the nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for president. It’s a big reversal for the former president’s role within the Democratic party.

During former Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000, Gore sought to distance his campaign from Clinton, who was embattled in his second term with impeachment proceedings, and was an unpopular figure in America. But Clinton’s post-Presidential career has been lauded, his reputation has rebounded and he’s now considered one of the most popular politicians in the country, according to a recent poll from CNN.

In 2008, Clinton played a key figure in President Obama’s campaign for president, publicly backing Obama for president after a drawn-out primary battle between his wife, Hillary Clinton, and Obama. The Obama campaign is hoping the former President will make an impact with undecided voters, and will be able to tout Clinton’s economic legacy.


Why does the public regard Bill Clinton highly? Will Bill Clinton make a discernible impact on the election?


Josh Gerstein, White House Reporter for POLITICO.

Neil King, reporter for Wall Street Journal

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