Patt Morrison for August 2, 2012

The latest cybersecurity bill stalls in the Senate

The U.S. Senate voted today to cut off debate of a watered down cybersecurity bill being pushed by the Obama administration. Although the bill had bipartisan support, both Republicans and a handful of Democrats voted 52 to 46 against continued debate of the bill, essentially leaving it dead in the water with eight fewer votes than it needed to bring it to a final vote.
A combination of pictures on August 1, 2

Olympic badminton controversy: cheating or just strategizing?

Badminton, an often overlooked sport is now making international headlines.
Faithful Re-Create Way Of The Cross Procession Over Brooklyn Bridge

Is the United States a Christian nation?

At a press event with the president of Turkey in 2006, then Senator Barack Obama made the comment that the United States was no longer simply a Christian nation — that America had become more ecumenical and was comprised of a diverse set of faiths.
T.J. Maxx Store Opens in Washington, DC
What bad experiences have you had as a consumer? What is your number one complaint?
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