Patt Morrison for August 6, 2012

First Court Hearing Held For Alleged CO Movie Theater Shooter
An update on the latest out of Oak Creek, WI, where 40-year-old Army veteran Wade Michael Page allegedly opened fire on a Sikh Temple yesterday, killing six people and injuring three before he was shot and killed by police.
NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Holds Viewing Of Mars Curiosity Rover Landing

What's next for NASA’s ‘Curiosity’ Mars rover?

Shortly after 10pm PDT last night, NASA’s latest robotic Mars explorer hurtled through the Martian atmosphere and landed safely on the surface of Mars. Since leaving Earth in late November of last year, Curiosity had travelled roughly 350 million miles at an average cruising speed of nearly 8,000 miles per hour on its way to Mars.
Olympics Day 9 - Athletics

Previewing the second week of the Olympics

LA Times reporter David Wharton brings us the latest from London and the Olympics, as it prepares for the second week of competition. Olympians will jump out of the swimming pool and head to the track, as Track and Field events highlight most of the schedule for the second week.

Bay Area bridges under scrutiny after shaky structural tests

Caltrans maintained that Bay Area bridges were safe to drive across, but privately, the agency may not be so confident about the integrity of the bridges, according to a new report from The Sacramento Bee.
Many of Hollywood’s elite are known for their long standing support of left leaning candidates and causes. President and Democrat Barack Obama has snarled traffic and drummed up sizable donations at L.

Olympics in Los Angeles: 1932, 1984, 2024?

In 1932, the Olympic Games in Los Angeles brought the first Olympic village for athletes, a victory podium for medal-winners and the debut of the first photo-finish camera in races.
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