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Who is to gain from Jared Loughner's guilty plea?

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U.S. Marshal's Office/AP Photo

This is a combo of photos of Jared Loughner the U.S. Marshal's Service released Feb. 22, 2011. The photo was taken in Phoenix while Loughner was in the agency's custody.

Jared Lee Loughner plead guilty today to going on a shooting rampage at a political gathering in a Tucson, AZ parking lot last year, a move that former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly says will help victims and their families move on.

Giffords and Kelly said in a joint statement, "Avoiding a trial will allow us — and we hope the whole Southern Arizona community — to continue with our recovery." It also spares Loughner the death sentence.

Mavy Stoddard, who lost her husband in the massacre in Arizona last year and who has recovered from three gunshot wounds in her leg, said, "I don't really want the death penalty. I would love to see him either put in a mental institution or life in prison with no parole.”

Guest host Alex Cohen talks with former federal prosecutor Laurie Levenson and Marc Klaas, whose daughter’s murderer is currently on death row, about how guilty pleas impact court proceedings and victims’ families.


What are your thoughts on Loughner's guilty plea?


Marc Klaas, father of 12-year old Polly Klaas who was abducted at knifepoint from her Petaluma, California home and murdered

Laurie Levenson, professor of Law, Loyola Law School and a former federal prosecutor

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