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Sculptor Xavier Neilhan celebrates the life and work of Richard Neutra

The Neutra VDL Research House
The Neutra VDL Research House
The Neutra VDL Research House

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What’s the first thing you think when you see an airplane towing a blank, ivory banner through the sky? Can’t wrap your mind around it? Well, that’s one indication you’re dealing with modern art. This airborne performance will open “Architectones,” a new exhibition in Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House, located in Los Angeles’ Silverlake neighborhood. Neutra, one of the most significant historical figures of modernist architecture, built the glass and metal house with the financial backing of Dutch philanthropist Dr C.H. van der Leeuw (VDL) seventy-five years ago. As an homage to Neutra, figurative and abstract artist Xavier Veilhan has created a new series of installations for the house, on view starting Wednesday, August 8.

Architectones by Xavier Veilhan


Have you been to the Neutra house? What’s your take on modernist architecture and its influence on Los Angeles’ cityscape?


Xavier Veilhan, installation artist, sculptor, and creator of Architectones, an exhibition of abstract and figurative sculptures made specifically for the modernist house in Silverlake, known as the Neutra VDL Research House, which was designed by modernist architect Richard Neutra in 1932.

Barbara Lamprecht, author, “Neutra: Complete Works;” she teaches architectural history, concentrating on Modernism, practices architecture and contributes to Dwell, The Architectural Review, Architecture, Architectural Record and Fine Homebuilding; you can learn more about her work at barbaralamprecht.com