Patt Morrison for August 8, 2012

Does America sit too much? How standing desks could increase America’s attention span and decrease its waistline

Daniel Barry/Getty Images

Building employees stand at the front desk of 71 Broadway, New York

From elementary schools to the workplace, day-to-day life in America involves a lot of sitting. Lately, research has come out from a variety of places praising the ‘standing desk,’ illustrating that individuals who stand at desks during school or the workplace not only burn a significant amount more calories during the day, but also improve “attention, on-task behavior, alertness and engagement,” according to Monica Wendel, director of the Center for Community Health Development at Texas A & M’s University’s Health Sciences Center.


Do you use a standing desk? How do you sneak in exercise during a work or school day?


Nancy Weise, medical director for occupational medicine, California Pacific medical center

William L. Haskell, Stanford professor emeritus of medicine

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