Patt Morrison for August 10, 2012

President Obama Speaks On Homeland Security's Announcement About Deportations
This coming Wednesday over 350,000 California DREAMers – formerly undocumented immigrants without the right to work – will become eligible to join the state’s labor force as a result of President Obama’s “deferred action” policy.
Wisconsin Community Reels After Gunman Kills Six At Sikh Temple

Slate's Brian Palmer ponders why famous killers have three names

America’s past is littered with infamous killers like Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, John Wayne Gacy, and most recently, Wade Michael Page, who committed a mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
Sometimes, jumping into the maw of the modern commercial airline-industrial complex can leave you feeling more than just jetlagged and irritable. Especially when you arrive at your destination and your bag does not.

Does separating boys and girls help them learn better?

One of the ongoing and growing controversies in the new academic reality in the aftermath of the No Child Left Behind reforms is the proliferation of single sex public education. Proponents believe that separating boys and girls for certain classes in mixed gender schools allows the curricula to be catered to the way they believe each gender learns.
Olympics Day 9 - Gymnastics - Artistic

Why winning silver disappoints athletes

Cornell psychology professor Thomas Gilovich’s research of Olympic medalists indicates that athletes who place third are usually happier than those who place second.
The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Offers Celestial Show In Night Sky

Got wishes? Summer’s biggest meteor shower is here

For the best possible show of the annual Perseid meteor shower, be prepared to drive far from Los Angeles. Joshua Tree, anyone?
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