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The demise of printed magazines

by Patt Morrison

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Magazine Stand: from Forbes to Top Gear to High Times, this guy has 'em all, August 25, 2007. Mike Mertz/Flickr/Creative Commons

Much like those of their fellow print publications, newspapers, the sales of magazines are in the midst of a precipitous decline. Last week, the Audit Bureau of Circulations reported that newsstand circulation in the first half of the year was down almost 10 percent, continuing a multi-year slide. According to David Carr of the New York Times, the drop in sales has hit every genre of magazines. "People" was down 18.6 percent, and "The New Yorker" had a similar drop, declining by 17.4 percent. "Vogue" and "Cosmopolitan" did slightly better, but "Time" fell by 31 percent.


Why are magazines still facing problems in the era of digital media? Will they be able to rebound online? Do you still read magazines?

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