Patt Morrison for August 22, 2012

House Budget Committee Holds Hearing On The Congressional Budget Office's Outlook
The Congressional Budget Office’s latest analysis predicts “a significant recession” if planned January 1, 2013 tax hikes and spending cutbacks aren’t delayed. The CBO warned in January of this year that the planned belt-tightening in the federal budget — known as the Fiscal Cliff or Taxmageddon — would bring negative economic consequences.

The increasing complexities of pet custody and ownership

Many parties suffer in divorces, but the laws governing ownership of pets are not keeping pace with the rise of animal custody disputes. In California and elsewhere, pets are considered property and are subject to the same rules.
Google Debuts Its Nexus One Cell Phone

Cell phones know where you’re going before you do

Was your 3 p.m. appointment in downtown L.A. or near the beach? Maybe your phone can remind you. A group of computer scientists from the University of Birmingham in England have developed a formula that, through analyzing cell phone data of a person and their closest friends, could predict where a person would be at any given time within 60 feet.

In-N-Out Burger immediately gets out of slaughterhouse controversy

In-N-Out asserts that treating cattle unethically is not what their "hamburger is all about," and promptly breaks away from Central Valley Meat Co.
US President John F. Kennedy (C) wipes his forehea

American English shift: northern vowels on the move

Since the dawn of television, conventional wisdom has held that American regional accents and dialects are on the wane. The prevailing belief has been that mass media communication has homogenized the regionally-specific diversity of our American English.

The Chinatown war that shaped LA

Seeking prosperity and wealth, Chinese immigrants poured into California in the early part of the 19th century. Los Angeles’ Chinatown was one of the communities that grew from the influx of immigration, but racial tension soon erupted in the area.
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