Patt Morrison for August 29, 2012

Dodgers players pick their game music: what does your taste in music say about you?

Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers

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Adrian Gonzalez #23 of the Los Angeles Dodgers loosens up on deck in the game against the Miami Marlins on August 26, 2012 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. The Marlins won 6-2.

The results from personality tests like Myers-Briggs can tell you a lot about a person, but if you really want to get a peek inside someone’s soul take a look at their music collection. A quick spin through their iPod or stacks of vinyl records can provide insight into a person’s temperament, disposition and may give you an idea of whether or not you’ll likely get along. Granted, music taste is subjective, but an informal poll of Patt Morrison’s team revealed that you may be being judged by your favorite tunes.

To wit: do you like the indie band Deerhoof (artsy), pop songsmith Aimee Mann (contemplative), country crooner Taylor Swift (vapid) or grizzled troubadour Tom Waits (experimental and peculiar)?

The world of sports can be especially revelatory when it comes to music tastes… the L.A. Dodgers organization plays songs selected by specific players when they step up to the plate or onto the pitcher’s mound, allowing thousands of people to groove to… or suffer through an athlete’s preference for Young Jeezy.


What do your music tastes say about you? Do you judge people by their music?


Marah Eakin, music editor for The A.V. Club

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