Patt Morrison for August 30, 2012

When should you take the keys away from an elderly driver?

Teenagers pay more in insurance because they are believed to be a greater accident risk. Does a similar pricing structure affect elderly drivers? Should it?
newborn baby infant

Why Millennials need to start getting it on

The recession impacted the life of Americans far and wide, but perhaps no group was hurt harder than the Millennial generation.
Chris Christie Gives Speech On Financial Integrity And Accountability In DC

Anti-obesity: the new homophobia

Are they born that way? Is it a lifestyle choice?
2012 Republican National Convention: Day 3

To fact-check or not to fact-check

Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech for the vice-presidential nomination yesterday drew applause from GOP convention attendees, but criticism from other quarters due to questions about the validity of his claims.
Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

California pot shop ban halted, but for how long?

Marijuana dispensary ban has been suspended for now, but how much potential revenue does California really stand to lose if marijuana dispensaries are shut down?
As writer Lisa Bloom was working on her first book, “Think” — about how well women are doing in academia and in the workplace — she noticed a troubling counterpoint: even as women grow more successful, boys seem to be falling behind.
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